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Electrical Contractors

Searching for the best electrical contractor in Sydney? Well, you need not look further. Steve Thompson Electrical(STE) is here to help you with all your electrical contractor needs.


Steve Thompson Electrical (STE) is an electrical company based in Sydney that specialises in providing residential, industrial, and commercial electrical services. With 30 years of experience in this industry, Steve Thompson has proven itself as a highly reliable and trustworthy business entity.


As an electrical contractor, we pride ourselves for our capacity to provide our clients with excellent and professional service. Over the past years, we have worked with thousands of homeowners, commercial establishments, and industrial companies.


Our extensive experience in this industry has helped us perfect our craft. We are knowledgeable of what works best for different situations. As such, you can be certain that with Steve Thompson Electrical you will receive well-tailored solutions that are truly suited to your specific needs whether all you need is some simple electrical repairs or complex installation of wirings for your new shop.


Moreover, you can be rest assured that the services you will receive from us are of the highest quality among the various electrical contractors here in Sydney. We make sure that all our personnel have received proper education and adequate training before they are sent out to your home, shop, or factory.


Trained & Experienced Electricians


With highly trained and well-experienced electricians working, you can be certain that the job you requested from us will be performed in accordance to the highest of standards. Here at Steve Thompson Electrical (STE), excellence is our number one priority.


As an electrical contractor, Steve Thompson Electrical (STE) is also dedicated in conserving energy. We want to help you reduce your electric bills and at the same time do your part in conserving energy. If you would like to reduce your home or your company's utility bills, then we can give you expert advice as to what pieces of equipment and best practices are the most energy-efficient.


Our well-trained electricians will help you install energy-efficient lighting fixtures and assist you in the proper maintenance of your machines or equipment to help them function more effectively and efficiently. Moreover, if you have any further ideas on how you would like to reduce energy use in your home or office, then just say them to us. And we will find a way to translate your ideas into reality.


Being a family owned and operated electrical contractor, customer service is a big thing for us. We strive hard to make our clients' experience with us one that is hassle-free, pleasant, and memorable. We make sure that all the advice and solutions provided by our electricians are personalised and well-tailored to your needs whether you are a simple homeowner or are the owner of a large factory.


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Being in the industry for three decades now, you can be certain that Steve Thompson Electrical (STE) is one of the most trustworthy and highly reliable electrical contractors in Sydney. Our experience, commitment to excellent service, and highly-trained personnel is what we bring to the table. So for all of your electrical contractor needs make sure you contact us today.

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